About us

About us
Specialized in the organization of tailor-made tourist services
About us
Specialized in the organization of tailor-made tourist services

Enjoy Tour Tuscany

A group of Tuscans proud of their land and at the same time a team of professionals in the field of reception and hospitality.

We were born and live in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Tuscany.

The love for our land will be the main service offered and our being Tuscan the key to a unique and different journey,an emotional experience, an immersion in the Tuscan character that over the centuries has made these places famous throughout the world.

Jacopo Bandini

I believe in eco-sustainable tourism, I love my land and I love nature; to these loves I have dedicated my life by graduating in Natural Sciences and becoming the owner of Antico Borgo San Lorenzo. Enjoy Tour Tuscany is therefore the natural evolution of my life choices and the completion of my professional path.

Marco Sartini, titolare della omonima azienda Sartini autonoleggi è presente sul mercato del turismo dal 1992 con servizi di Noleggio con conducente, di Auto, Minivan e Autobus GranTurismo. Ho instaurato rapporti di fiducia e collaborazione con importanti Agenzie e Tour Operator Europei ed extraeuropei.
Marco Sartini

Marco Sartini, owner of the homonymous company Sartini autonoleggi has been serving the tourism market since 1992 providing rental services with driver, of cars, minivans and coaches. I have established relationships of trust and cooperation with major agencies and tour operators in Europe and beyond.

Massimiliano Galardi

Computer expert and professional videographer for many years, a passion that over time I turned into a job. I have specialized and obtained a license for aerial filming with drones. Creating high quality videos for weddings, events, tourist videos is a goal that I always carry with me.

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Enjoy Tour Tuscany

the experience and knowledge of our land will make your holiday unique and unforgettable

From the individual to the family, from the small to the large group, we offer all our knowledge of the area to help people experience Tuscany as a ‘friendly’ place and not trivially reducing it to a safe of beautiful museums, villages, towns and landscapes.

The effects of the thousand-year history of this region of Italy can be seen in the urban centres, in the perfect preservation of the cities, but also in the white roads of the Val d’Orcia with its unique and unmistakable landscape and the Via francigena that led from Western Europe, particularly France, to southern Europe and Rome; they are evident in the tradition of its cuisine and in the nobility of its wines, Chianti Classico and Brunello above all; they are highlighted in the sense of belonging that has been exploding intact for centuries during the days of the Palio in Siena, the Calcio storico in Florence or the Bravìo in Montepulciano.

Our reception services, created as tools for a wider transmission of Tuscany, include visits, lessons, tastings, experiences designed for each individual visitor in a different way and always adaptable to different needs; this is why children, for example, will have dedicated tours to combine with those of their parents, as well as sportsmen and women can enjoy days dedicated to physical health.

Yes, because Tuscany is not only history and art, but also ecological sensibility, expressed through a wide choice of slow tourism selected by ourselves, love for animals, first of all the horse on which it will be possible to ride the famous Via Francigena, invitation to the artistic expression with tours in the most secret places of the territory from which to take wonderful photographs or make pictorial reproductions. Our Enjoy Tour Tuscany service agency is therefore not a travel agency, but a point of reference for all those who want to distinguish themselves from mass tourism, who know they can ask for their own personalised experience, who want to try to feel, at least once in their life, like real guests on holiday; travellers in the land of Tuscany like the great characters of the 18th century Grand Tour.